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Company and Products

Thank you for taking an interest in Swagger and our products. We are a new company, established in 2017, and our aim is to produce timeless, functional and durable dog leads. We are based in Helsinki, Finland. 

As well as supplying good quality honest leads, it is also our hope that our customers receive good service. We promise our best efforts and we prefer to hear from you if you are less than completely satisfied so that we can learn and try to remedy any problem.   

Our leads are made from professional climbing ropes and the best available fittings. Each component has been carefully selected and for our clip leads we have chosen a premium stainless steel snap hook, manufactured by Wichard Marine of France. They are reliable, a pleasure to use and have a working load of 200 kg.

The utility rings found on the handle of these leads are also 316 grade stainless steel and our joints are made using a specialized splicing system developed by the Swedish company, Talurit, specifically for synthetic ropes. The results are extremely strong.

Our ropes are detailed on an individual basis on our product pages.

Swagger clip leads are categorized as either chunky (for bigger dogs) or slinky (for smaller dogs). All are strong enough for even the biggest dogs, but the gauge of the rope and the weight of the fittings means that aesthetically, our thinner leads might not suit a very big dog. Equally, a thick lead might be too heavy for a small dog. Please note that even our slinky leads are not suited to very small dogs such as a pomeranian.

We also have a range of slip leads which are suitable for medium sized and big dogs. They have a noose, rather than a clip and are ideal for training a dog not to pull.

All our leads are available in three different lengths.

Free postage and packaging is offered worldwide and to destinations within Europe we use a priority service. All deliveries are offset to be carbon neutral. 

We hope you enjoy your Swagger dog lead and we look forward to introducing new products in the future.