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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B Sales

If you are buying for a business or are interested in becoming a Swagger retailer, we look forward to hearing from you. We are VAT registered and discounts are available on bulk orders.


Customs Tax

No customs duty is payable on purchases made from within the EU.

Customs duty may be payable on purchases made from outside the EU, thresholds vary from country to country. This is the purchaser's responsibility and we advise that customers check with their own authorities.


Dispatch Times

As our leads are made to order we kindly ask for up to a week to fulfil orders. Having said that, leads are often dispatched in less than 48 hours and should any exceptional delays be incurred we will keep our customers informed of them and provide an explanation as to why.


Lead Measurements

Please note that as climbing rope is slightly elasticated, lengths are approximate and may vary by 1 - 2 cm.

Measurements for our clip leads do not include the hook, which measures 7 cm.

Our slip leads are measured from the end of the handle to the point where rope passes through the metal ring. The noose, which is big enough for a large dog, is not included in the measurement.


Postage and Delivery Times

Free postage and packaging is offered worldwide and to destinations within Europe we use a priority option.

Estimated delivery times are; 1 - 2 days to within Finland, 2 - 5 days to Nordic countries and to Central Europe, 3 - 6 days to the rest of Europe and from 12 working days to the rest of the world (large cities). The estimates do not include any time required for customs clearance.

We use the Finnish post office's Green service which is offset to be carbon neutral.



Why should I buy a Swagger lead when it is possible to buy a cheaper lead?

Our leads are handcrafted and included in the price is free worldwide shipping. We also use only high quality materials and for our clip leads, a stainless steel Wichard Marine swivel snap hook.


Privacy Policy

Please read our full policy here.


Refund Policy

Please take care to consider the length of lead you require. As our products are made to order, we kindly ask our customers to provide a reason for any return. Send us an email as soon as you can to let us know your concern.

The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of returned products.

Our postal address is: Swagger, Kaivonkatsojantie 9 G 113, 00980, Helsinki, Finland. 

Please read our full policy here


Terms of Service 

Please read of full policy here.


Utility Ring

We've seen the ring on the handle of our clip leads used for all sorts of things but the idea is that the hook can be clipped onto it when your dog runs free. This forms the lead into a big loop which can be hung over the shoulder. It can also be handy for tying the lead to a post.


VAT Registered

We are a VAT registered business and our full details are available from the Finnish Business Information System. All sales include VAT where applicable. 

Business ID: 2803630-4

VAT Number: FI28036304


Washing Guidelines

All our leads can be washed in warm soapy water.



We guarantee the materials and construction of our leads and if you have an issue with our products or service we would like to hear from you so that we can do our best to resolve any problems. 

Unfortunately we can't replace chewed ropes but otherwise we like to think that our leads are durable items. We listen carefully to any genuine grievance.


Website Photography

Perhaps our most frequently asked question is of course, who took those amazing photographs for the website?

Well, a big thank you to Dmitry Buldakov. Please send us a message if you'd like to get in touch.